Are you ready to plant? We sure are . . . so we know you are!

Brie & Chris are coming back with classes to help you take your garden one step further toward eating more of what you grow yourself.

While we're prepping our own veggie patches we're planning another YouTube livestream to help you grow your gardening skills to the next level. The information will focus on tips and techniques for the warm months ahead. No matter your skill level, please join us for this free livestream.

Just like in the fall, Brie Arthur and Chris Smith will make this modern form of presentation more captivating than typical. You'll see them standing next to their clearly-displayed images and they'll bring along demos and other items to show you, just as if in person. We'll be live two days in a row - April 23 & 24.

Soil3 YouTube Live Fall Gardening


The Gardeners and Their Presentations

Meet Brie Arthur

Brie Arthur, has garnered acclaim for her enthusiastic presentations and practical, out of the box growing advice. She is a celebrated speaker, horticulturist, and bestselling author located in Raleigh, NC. Her two books, The Foodscape Revolution and Gardening with Grains serve as how-to guides for cultivating beauty and bounty in any landscape. Brie's presentations on Soil³ YouTube Live:

Spring Garden Prep and Seed Starting 101   

Are you ready for the spring growing season? Life-long home gardener Brie Arthur shares expert advice for success in the veggie garden. She will cover everything you need to cultivate an abundant harvest. From seed selection and sowing techniques to easy bed prep, fertilization, crop rotations this informative program will inspire you to get outside and start growing like never before!

Foodscaping with Grains

Combining expert advice from both of her books, passionate gardener Brie Arthur aims to inspire everyone to think creatively about growing veggies, grains, and flowers in your landscape borders. Brie will explain to how design a space that can provide nourishment for your family and your favorite birds year-round! Discover easy-to-apply management strategies for long term success, including how to naturally improve your soil and reduce the need for fertilizer and irrigation. From ancient times to modern living, grains are an essential part of our daily lives. This program is sure to get attendees thinking of all the fun and creative ways they can garden with grains . . . and maybe even grow some for homemade bread and beer!    

Meet Chris Smith

Chris is a seed saver and permaculturist who loves to write. He is executive director of the Utopian Seed Project, a crop-trialing non-profit working to celebrate food and farming. His book, The Whole Okra, won a James Beard Foundation Award in 2020 and he is the co-host of The Okra Pod Cast. Chris' presentations on Soil³ YouTube Live:

Seed Saving 101 - Focus is on vegetable seed saving

Seed saving is a powerful and simple act that can launch you into a world of heirloom seed stories, varietal adaptation, seed swaps, seed preservation, and increased biodiversity. Chris Smith will offer a glimpse into the joys of seed saving and leave you the basic knowledge and skills to start (or continue) your own seed saving journey. Topics will include basic botany recap, flowers and pollination, techniques for saving 'pure' seed, seed harvesting, processing and storage!

Everything Okra

Okra is a majestic plant that produces an abundant harvest that goes well beyond a simple green pod. Chris Smith has been growing, eating and researching okra since moving to America and will share his deep passion for this plant and all that it can offer in the garden and in the kitchen. This presentation will cover basic gardening notes, culture and history, varietal exploration (Chris has grown well over 100 varieties), seed to stem uses of okra and some future projects. Whether you love it or hate, you'll be left respecting it!    


YouTube LIve schedule of events

Two presentations each day, with time for questions.

Friday, April 23, 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM - Part 1

We will send you a direct link to this 2 hour YouTube Live show.

  • YouTube Live Begins with Chris – 11:30 AM – Chris will present Seed Saving 101 and teach you how to save your vegetable seeds for the next year.  

  • The Livestream Continues with Brie – 12:30 PM – Brie will coach you through this year's Spring Garden Prep, including info on Seed Starting 101 to kick off your 2021 garden.  

  • 1:30 PM - Presentations wrap up, but come back the next day for more!

Saturday, April 24, 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM - Part 2

We will send you a different direct link to this 2 hour YouTube Live.

  • YouTube Live Begins with Chris – 11:30 AM – Chris will show us Everything Okra and blow your mind with aspects of this plant you never knew. 

  • The Livestream Continues with with Brie – 12:30 PM Brie will instruct us on Foodscaping with Grains teaching us how to grow them from seed in our suburban landscapes. 

  • 1:30 PM - Presentations wrap up. Look for an email from us with a coupon.


Register Here

We will email you direct links before these two different presentations. 

Join us to become a better gardener this year!

On the Set of a Soil3 Livestream

Here we are behind the scenes at our livestream last August. This wouldn't have happened without our communications engineer Greg at the control board. Our location is a covered porch in North Carolina, so we can socially distance even if weather blows in. Same folks, same set - new talks, new decorations! See you on April 23rd & 24th.

Soil3 YouTube Live behind the scenes