Donate Quality swag for the Attendees of

The Soil3 Garden show

march 30, 2019 

Silver City Farm  |  5130 Dahlonega Hwy, Cumming, GA

Super-Sod is now accepting quality garden-related swag for the benefit of show attendees.

A few details to note before applying to be a Swag Bag Sponsor:

  • Donate a minimum of 300 items to enclose in the "swag bags".
  • Swag Bag Sponsor Application deadline is Friday, March 15th.
  • Items must arrive at Super-Sod of Alpharetta no later than Monday, March 25th.
  • Swag Bag Sponsors will be recognized by a logo & link to your website on the show page and we'll stuff your informational flyer in the Swag Bag, too. 
  • Garden Show Vendors may also act as Swag Bag Sponsors.


    Fill out the Swag Bag Sponsorship Application form below in its entirety. We'll be in touch once we've reviewed your application.

    Questions? Email or call Allison at 770-274-2279


Garden Show Swag Bag Sponsorship Application